Our Vision

We build beautiful, functional and affordable custom houses. We know that no two families are the same, and that’s the reason we don’t have standardized solutions. Our vision is to make every client feel, that their house is unique and perfect just for them.

sustainable houses

Sustainable living

All houses meet the strictest energy requirements on the market. We even offer the option of making your house passive house certified.

modern scandinavian house design

Nordic Design

We build beautiful, light and warm houses in modern Nordic style. Double high ceilings, ceiling to ridge, large windows, or whatever fits in to your dream home.

custom plans for houses

Meaningful Plans

Our houses are drawn for the individual client, insuring that every squared meter of the house is optimized for your needs.

beautiful materials for houses

Beautiful Materials

We will help you chose the materials and details that suits you. Whether you prefer wood, brick, steel or something else, we will help you find the combination that best suits you.

acoustic house design

Healthy indoor environment

A house should be beautiful and comfortable. Acoustics, light and air flow are all very important parts of a great indoor environment in our houses.

custom houses build fast

Fast and affordable

We took the best from our 20 years of experience with industry building methods and passed it on to one-family dwellings. This means, that we are able to deliver high quality at very competitive prices and building time as low a 3 months for a house.

Want to know more? Book a non-committal meeting or simply drop us a line or check out our example houses.